In our state-of-the-art factories in Yanbu Industrial City, the profess the rock in several stages by crushing and grinding, reducing it to a very fine product prior to being calcined by heating. During the process, a chemical change takes place which converts the rock from a dihydrate to a hemi-hydrate form – commonly called “Stucco”.
This stucco is then passed through another grinding process to make it suitable as the basic material for the manufacture of basecoat and finish coat internal building plasters.
Specific ingredients are then added to produce the different types of building plasters, which are packed in special 40 kg paper sacks or plastic or 25 Kg Plastic or however the sizes that you request, ready for distribution throughout the country and the for export.

Cristal Water 6.0
Initial setting time 8.0
Final setting time 20.0
90 mic. Sieve 8.9