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Who We Are

Why Red Briks

Lighter in weight as compared to other building materials.
Stronger than most of the building blocks in the market.
Lower electricity consumption.
Water Absorbent.
Better bounding with plastering materials if compared to other building blocks.
Easier & quicker to build and handle.
Highly suitable for marble fitting.

Why El-Khayyat Red Briks?

Lightestbricks available in the market today.
Strongest bricks with compressive strength in the market today.
FREE of undesirable mineral content.
Ideal water absorbance features.
Anti Cracks maximum load bearing
Resistant to fire.
Intolerant to fungus and bacteria.
Accurate surface and dimension
Excellent Grip for cement & marble fittings.

What Distinguishes Our Services From Others?

Fastest delivery time in the market (45 min.)
Most feasible delivery facilities (7th floor cranes) which are the highest reach in the market.
Most personalized service and customer care that extends to include after sales follow-up.
Great value for money (Excellent quality at a minor mark-up over competitors).
Extending working hours (6 am till 9 pm, 7 days a week 365 days/year).

Our Infrastructure

We have state of the art ORT equipment across all the factories on an area of approximately 2 million m2. With the use of latest and most modern manufacturing techniques and quality materials El-Khayyat today is the most respected, popular and reliable brand in the industry.
We are a socially responsible eco advanced and eco friendly Red Bricks factory. And have been actively contributing to the economic and human resource development of the Kingdom through all the phases of infrastructure development.

Rough Material




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