Red Bricks are made of high quality clay, and hence lighter in weight compared to other building materials Red Bricks are stronger than any other alternate building blocks in the market. Red Bricks have Heat Insulation properties, which results in cut-down in electricity bills up to 40%.Red Bricks has ideal water absorbency features, which not only prevents the formation of cracks in wall but also prevents dampening of walls and flaking of paints due to moisture. Red Bricks have acoustic features as well and hence are designed to control sound/noise to acceptable levels. Red Bricks have better bonding characteristics with plastering materials in comparison to other building blocks. Red Bricks are easier handle and quicker to build and cost less on labor and material. Red Bricks are ideal for marble fittings. Also, it is the only fireproof product available today.

Fastest delivery time. We deliver order in 45 minutes to any location. No other supplier in the market is as fast and efficient as we are today.
We deliver to heights. Reaching up to the 8thfloor that no other supplier can. Stand-by fleets of over 200 vehicles across the Kingdom are ready to deliver order to the desired location.
Customer Care:
For us every customer is a Guest and we treat him or her with special care and follow-up with them after sales to ensure they are happy and satisfied with our product and service.
To deliver a strong brick with a stronger commitment.
At 6:00 am in the morning we open doors for customers (Guest) and remain open as late as 9:00 pm in the evening. We serve our customers 7 days a week and 365 days of the year.

At El-Khayyat Red Bricks we are committed to building great brands. These are the shared values, principles and behaviors that we follow in providing high quality and great product to our respective clients throughout the region.
1. We listen to others to better understand their point and to build a stronger relationship.
2. We respect all individuals and value for their diverse backgrounds, experience, styles, approaches and ideas.
3. We are focused on finding solutions and achieving results. We keep our promises and commitments made to others.
4. We are passionate about our business and our brands. We serve our customers and satisfy our clients through the quality of our products and services.
5. We have personal commitment for continuous improvement and are willing to change for a good outcome.
6. We help people to be their best by providing training and guidance feedback, because our success lies in their success.
7. We put the best efforts to achieve simplicity. Stop procedures and activities that slow us down or do not add value.

Dear Customer, in our past 35 years, we have learned that “quality should not be compromised at any cost”. It is the core of successful brands and organizations that we see around us today. The credit of our success goes to our visionary founder Arch. Taha Ahmed Khayyat, who not only is instrumental in laying the solid foundation of El-Khayyat Brick Manufacturing Plants but also is a driving force behind building one of the most successful brands in the region – a brand that is well recognized by the industry for its quality, durability and value. With him was the entire team of El-Khayyat. Every single employee has tremendously contributed to the success through their hard work and dedication. That’s one reason we are better known as a customer centric organization, where our employees treat our customers as guests and deliver more value to them than they anticipate. We strive day and night to sustain our success and leave no stone unturned to maintain highest industry standards in everything we do today. We are second to none in adopting new technological advancement to meet the ever-growing demands and standards. State-of-the-art machinery and equipment are our favorite companions. Ongoing research and development initiatives keep us adept to meet competition and in maintaining economic, social and ecological balance. Today we can proudly with confidence claim that our products are part of thousands of residential, private and government buildings in the region. We have successfully found a place for us in smallest household to a mega skyscraper.